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About Benefitbee
Benefitbee is the leading provider of beekeeping supplies throughout China more than 1100 types of beekeeping equipment one-stop procurement platform.

● With 10 years of experience products have been exported to 140+ countries;
● Owning hardware factory plastic factory beehive factory produce and sell 500 kinds of productslow price and high quality;
● In accordance with the quality requirements of European customers promise full refund for quality problems;
● Nearly 100 proprietary products investing 1 million RMB in r&d every year;
● Undertake OEM ODM business one-stop solution undertake confidentiality obligations;
● Standing inventory of $2 million an average lead time of less than 30 days;
● Located in ShenZhen Special Economic Zone adjacent to China’s largest port — Yantian Port provide fast convenient cost-effective transportation solutions;

We’re a beekeeping professional manufacturer of full range beekeeping tools integrating DesignDevelopmentProductionExport.Benefitbee brand are enjoying highly reputation in international market.
We sincerely expect to build long term partnership with friends from apiculture industry. Let’s work shoulder to shoulder hand in hand to make contribution to rapid development of world’s apiculture!
10000Best comments from customers
140Sold in 140+ countries
1100Beekeeping tools
1313 years experience

Why Choose Us ?

Currently there are thousands of beekeeping tools covering metal products plastic products bamboo products leather products etc. to provide one-stop sales platform allowing you to choose fast and

Top quality

The quality stability and functional practicability of our products are the necessary standards for measuring our products.

Reasonable price

80% of the company’s products for independent production from the procurement of raw materials to finished product packaging are first-hand sources.Enjoy lower factory price.

Efficient delivery

The fastest delivery time We are located in Shenzhen citywith convenient transportation access . Its seaports are especially developed. The Shenzhen Port ranks third among world container ports


The fastest delivery time We are located in Shenzhen citywith convenient transportation access . Its seaports are especially developed. The Shenzhen Port ranks third among world container ports

Benefitbee Beekeeping Supplies Industry Manufacturer Factory

We’re a professional manufacturer of full range beekeeping supplies integrating Design,Development,Production,Export.

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Passed VDE,UL,IEC and other domestic and overseas resource certifications
More Question You May Have

What are the main advantages of your company?

Founded in 2009, Benefitbee is the Vice Director-General Company of Guang Dong Apicultural Science Association, the Standing Committee Company of China Beekeeping Tools Association, and the Director-General Company of Apicultural Science Association of China. At present, we have our own hardware factory, plastic factory and beehive factory, and also a complete supply chain of more than 400 suppliers. We invested over million in R&D each year, our advantages are as follows,

1. Varieties: At the moment, we are selling 1,200 varieties of beekeeping tools, and own 60 patent products.

2. Price: More than 40% of the varieties are manufactured by our own factories. On the basis of the same quality and quantity, if you find our price is higher, we promise to refund the difference unconditionally.

3. Quality: The vast majority of customers are from Europe, and EU standards are our product quality positioning.

4, Leading time: Our standing stock is 2 million US dollars, which could ensure 10,000 US dollars order to be shipped in 7 days while 100,000 US dollars to be shipped within 45 days

5. Innovation: With millions of annual R&D investment, we have our own design team, to offer product design for free, and settle your beekeeping solution..

6. Transportation: Benefitbee is located in Shenzhen, China, only 20 kilometers away from Shenzhen Yantian Port, which can save you freight and provide you with a more reasonable transportation solution.

What network platforms does Benefitbee have?

We have our own stores in Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, etc., as well as our own official accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Ins, Linkin, please follow the accounts below to get the latest news:





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