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Your products have quality problems, and my clients have to return them. What should we do?2021-06-21T11:08:35+08:00

If it is caused by our product quality problems, we can give you unconditional returns.

How long is the general delivery time?2021-06-21T11:08:35+08:00

The delivery time is determined according to the different order situation, the general delivery time of the entire cabinet is about 25-30 days.

How to ensure the quality of your products?2021-06-21T11:08:35+08:00

Our company has a very strict quality inspection system, which ensures the high quality of our product.

How to ensure that the transported goods are not damaged?2021-06-21T11:08:35+08:00

Generally for the packing of cargo, we will add bubble film and carton to make double protection ,and to product the machine by means of protective packing of wooden case.

What should I do if I find a quality problem on the receipt of the goods?2021-06-21T11:08:36+08:00

If it is our quality problem, we will bear the corresponding responsibility.

How can I become your company’s agent in our country?2021-06-21T11:08:36+08:00

It is necessary to meet the minimum purchase volume required by our company.

How long is your delivery?2021-06-21T11:08:36+08:00

Usually it is 25-30 days ,and if there is any special case , we will inform you in advance

Where Is Your Factory? Can We Visit You?2021-06-01T06:44:35+08:00

Our factory is located in Yangjiang city ,Guangdong province , you can visit it any time.

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