2018 Stainless Steel Honey Concentrator / Vacuum Honey Processor 0.5 Ton Original Flavor Reflux Concentrator

Application Show

Dimension 80*50*165cm
Productivity 0.5 ton per day
Heating power 7kw
Air pump power 2.2kw/380v/220v
Concentration effect Improve 2-3Be per hour
Weight 80kg
Raw material SUS304

Product Description


2018 Stainless Steel Honey Concentrator / Vacuum Honey Processor 0.5 ton original flavor reflux concentrator

Honey vacuum concentration machine is made of stainless steel, easy to operate, reliable operation, high efficiency, vacuum suction honey.Used the principle of lowering the boiling point of water in the high vacuum state, to make water in honey evaporates quickly and increase the concentration of honey.



1.Machine be made of SS304,0.5 ton per day Capacity

2.Filtering and concentration,Automatic and high efficiency

3.It has the functions of melting crystallization, filtration sterilization, concentration at the same time.

4.Economic and practical, is the ideal equipment of small honey processing



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