Welcome the apiculture profesionals from HK to visit us!
                                                                 ——August 3,2018
This morning,the apiculture professionals early from Hong kong to visit our company.We were aslo very happy for their arrival.We took them to our show room—the picture you see.There are some beehives and beekeeping suits we put in this area.They were satisfied with our products when they saw them.At the same time,they gave us some suggestions:for the bee suits,we have saveral models now.They told us:when we design and produce the bee suits,it should be considered from the perspective of beekeepers,to designed better,making them feel more comfortable and breathable. 

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  • They were looking at the products which they are interested in.We took a picture of this apiculture beekeeper who was looking at the Mini smoker.He was very interested in this product.He said:He wanted to take it back to his grandson and experience beekeeping with him,a good idea!

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  • And they were looking at the honey extractor.We have the honey extractor with 2 4 6 8 12..frames .They shaked the machine by hand,to see how it works well….

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  • By the end,let’s take a picture to remmber!