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2018 National Apiculture Exhibition

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2018 National Apiculture Exhibition

Issue Time:2018-07-15

                                                         2018 National Apiculture Exhibition

                                                                    Exhibition Center:Australia (27th-30th June 2018)&Peru(28th-30th June 2018)

BENEFITBEE- A professional manufacturer of beekeeping tools in China since 2006.

We go abroad to exhibit every year.And in June of this year,we went to Australia and Peru.The picture you can see that is our company founder--Elvis.He brought our best seller to the Australian Exhibition that showing the products to visitors.Invited the clients to our booth and introduced the feature and foundation of the products.That is a good chance to show our products to the clients.

In June,our foreign trade manager-Lucia aslo came to Peru Exhibition.

She can speak Spanish and communicate well with locals. Being familiar with the local market and sell the products which are suitable for local use.According to their feedback,our products are very popular in that area.


Apiculture Exhibition would be a base where plenty of key goods might be displayed. Most of these are typically about Agriculture, Beekeeping and Beekeeping Supplies.That is a great channel to show company's brand and products.We'll be on this road,it's not just to selling the products,and to share a spirit-"love the bees,benefit the world."

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