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What is your company's competitive advantage?

What is your company's competitive advantage?
Update Time:2018-11-29

What is your company's competitive advantage

A: Our competitiveadvantage can be abbreviated as PQSDV,please see as follows:

Price:Benefitbee is theoriginal manufacturer of beekeeping tools, and we have  two subsidiary companies, one for plasticproduction and the other is for hardware production. We own  independent and complete productionequipment, and up to now, we produce more than 300 products by ourselves forwhich you will fully enjoy the prices directly from manufacturer. 


1) We position ourselves on medium-highend level, and we select excellent materials for all production. The hardwareworkshop is located in the “City of knife” with unique advantages in rawmaterials and technical talents, so the design, materials, and workmanshiplevels are far beyond the peers;

2) All the plastic productsindependently produced by our company are made of new materials, which areindependently built the molds for production, and no backfilling materials.

3) Factory Quality Assurance: Our supplychain department is equipped with QC inspection, all goods will be inspected byQC before shipment to make sure that you receive correct goods.


1) We have a highly qualified and youngmulti- language marketing team. We promise to reply you within 12 hours of yourworking time for any problem. Within 24 hours of non-working hours, we alsoprovide services in other small language business such as Russian and Spanish.

2) Our after-sales service is perfect,if there is a factory problem, we are willing to unconditionally replenish andreturn the products.


1) Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen,close to the world-famous departure port Shenzhen Yantian Port, convenienttransportation and low transportation costs.

2) Our company keeps a stock of morethan USD20000. Our shortest delivery time is only one week after confirming theinventory product before placing an order! Non-inventory products have aproduction cycle of about 20 days, which varies depending on the specificproduct and order quantity.



Variety: There are more than 600 varieties of beekeeping tools currentlyin operation. We are one-stop supplier of beekeeping tools with the mostcomplete beekeeping tool range in China.


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