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How does the bee protective suit work?

How does the bee protective suit work?
Update Time:2018-04-28

Most beekeepers also wear protective clothing. Novice beekeepers often wear gloves and hooded clothing or hats and veils. Experienced beekeepers sometimes choose not to use gloves because they prohibit subtle operations. The face and neck are the most important protection areas, so most beekeepers wear at least veils. Defensive bees are attracted to the breathing. Compared with the tingling in other places, stimulating the face will cause more pain and swelling. Usually, reducing the amount of injection venom by nail scraping can quickly remove the tingling on the hands. .Protective clothing is usually light colored (but not colored) and smooth material. This provides the biggest difference for the natural enemies of colonies (such as bears and skunks), which are often dark and furry.The “cockroaches” that remain on the fabric continue to draw alarm pheromones, which can trigger offensive actions and further stinging attacks. Wash your clothes regularly, and clean gloves with vinegar to minimize attraction.

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